Film/TV Projects Database - gives you access to a comprehensive database of every project we are tracking, thousands of film and television projects from conception to the screen. You have the flexibility to view only the most recently added or updated projects or to search for specific projects. You can select from projects in development, preproduction, or production. You choose. Each listing provides detailed contact information (click here to view example).

  • View Additions/Updates - Allows you to search from a specific database (development, pre-production, production or all projects) of projects that have been newly added or projects that have been recently updated. The database is updated twice a week on Tuesdays & Fridays (except holidays). Select newly added and updated data for the last 2 days, last 5 days, last 10 days or the last 20 days. (Click here to view frequently asked questions.)


  • Search - Search the database for a specific project by title, director's last name, producer, production company, distributor, location or notes. (Click here for more information on the searchable notes feature.)


  • Search Plus - Design your own reports. Select from a variety of options to search the complete database or just one of the subsets. In all, you can choose to use up to 5 variables at once (e.g., "Search for feature films of all genres with a location in Los Angeles."). AND you can even choose how you want the information sorted.


  • Search Plus - Date - Same as Search Plus above except one of the variables is shooting date. (e.g., "Search for all productions of the genre sci-fi with a location in Los Angeles shooting in July 2023").